Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jeremy is doing very well and is extremely busy. He and his companion, Elder Haacke (from Utah), are over two areas 40 minutes apart; Coelemu,where he lives, and Querihue. They have a pretty strong Branch in Coelemu which he thinks will be a Ward soon and they are working on starting a Branch in Querihue. I will share pictures he sends and snippets from his emails as they come. The following are things he told me about the area of Chile he is in and where he lives.

"Well, the main business of the town and a lot of towns here actually, is forestry. So there are a lot of trees around the town, but it`s just a normal town inside. And since they plant their own forests, all the forests are in neat rows, and it looks really weird."

"I live in a litte house. It has a small kitchen, a study room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a middle room. My companion and I are the only ones that live there. It`s pretty low quality, and when I first got there, disgustingly dirty, almost as if 19-21 year old guys had been the only ones to live there for years, but I devoted an entire P-day of mine to cleaning the deuce out of the whole place, and I must say, it`s better. That is, we`re no longer living amongst a colorful forest of mold. That reminds me though, I`m going to have to devote another P-day to cleaning soon, because it`s getting kind of dirty again."
(Side note from me: I am so proud that he cleaned something!! He always told me he knew how and just chose not to, now I have hope that his future wife will not have to pick up after him!)

"Food here is just more bland. There`s just less flavor in everything. They do sell American candy here, I had a Milkyway the other day, but Chileanos think that our food is "muy rico", very intense, and flavorful, and sweet. Many things taste pretty much the same. The spaghetti, for instance, is as good as ever, but ice cream here, my comp told me that it`s more water based, and that it was going to taste blander, but all the ice cream I´ve had here, although lighter, has been the most flavourful I´ve ever had so that`s sweet. Yeah, there are a lot of American things here. Entire sections in stores of American food. They even have Dr. Pepper, but all of that is more expensive, and Chilenos think it´s very rich."


Elder Haacke and Elder Meservy

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